Decorate your home with Original Paintings

Paintings of Pet Portraits, landscapes, seascapes, abstract, many styles to choose from. Reasonably priced art.  Check out my gallery below.

About the Artist

I can paint your pet or your vision. Many sizes and styles to choose from.

My Paintings

I started with pet portraits that have personality.  Then went on to do landscapes, seascapes, babies and more. 

Looking for something specific?

I can create a piece to suit your vision.   My work is acrylic on canvas.  You can choose a size, framed or not.  Contact me and we can personalize your art.

Saskia Elias

Saskia has inherited the talent.  Grandfather, Mother and brother, all accomplished artists.  It wasn't until I was in my Fifties that I started drawing and painting again.  After my critical Mom passed on, I felt the courage to pick up my passion.  In grade one my teacher told my parents. " Never let her stop drawing...."


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